“Deschamps” helps confirm the World Cup final does not depend on “Benz”

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France coach Didier Deschamps said at his press conference ahead of the 2022 World Cup final against Argentina (December 18) that Karim Benzema would not play, despite the current trend. continuous news

The story from the Spanish media said that Real Madrid , Benzema’s agency , did not prevent the player ufabet from wanting to take leave to help ‘ Les Blues ‘ against Qatar at the weekend.

Because according to the rights of the owner of the 1 Ballon d’ Or position, he was registered for the World Cup final , but he asked to leave the camp to rehabilitate the torn left thigh muscle before starting the group stage debut meet australia.

Yesterday, the 34 – carat shooting star just announced on social media. Media say they don’t go to Doha on Sunday either as a football fan or as a player. because he is already serving the agency  

Most recently , Deschamps confirmed that he had been fighting in 24 for a long time. It continues in the same way.

” I don’t want to talk about that issue again, ” the 54 – year -old said. 

“ Since that guy’s injury and Lucas Hernandez ‘s injury in the first game. I was left with 24 active players, which was all that was considered for the tournament. ” 

“ It seems unfair to me to talk about injured players. As for who will come to watch the game? It’s none of my business anymore. ” 

“ I was only assertive with the 24 people in the rest of the active group. Which they will be in the network to consider submitting the race on Sunday . 

 Asian handicap this week’s game draw France -10, total score of 2 goals.